Day of Birth Photography

My favorite event to photograph!  I love photodocumentation, and this day is the Mother of all Days!  Imagine yourself and your family concentrating on the process at hand and feeling the emotions instead of dealing with cameras!  I will be attentive to happenings and moods, people and faces, and any detail that happens to present itself.  Allow me to document your fabulous day…you’re GORgeous!

This is how I began my photographic life:  some dear friends were pregnant with their first child…I asked to photograph it for them…after a month, they said “Yes!”…and now I wish I could photograph a birth every week!  (being a very intensive experience, I have to limit myself–it takes a lot out of me!)

What an amazing process!  My coverage of your birth event will be absolutely customized to YOUR desires.  This day is all about you and your family.  Let’s talk about any questions or ideas you may have for your big day!

Speaking of The Process…you get Me, your friendly photodocumentarian, on call for your delivery…discreet coverage of the Big Event…then photos with those in the waiting room, if conducive, to round out the day.  Then, in the next few weeks, the paring down of the images to a concise, effective Story in Photo will happen.  And finally, these Photos bound in a hardbound book for your lifetime of perusal and reminiscing.  Whew!

See you when it’s time!!

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