Photos For Athens Service Industry

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Here’s the idea!! I’ll come to your home, properly masked, and we’ll meet outside at a very safe distance. I’ll snap a few photos of you and your household to document this era in our lives. You can donate to Athens’ Virtual Tip Jar or various restaurants’ GoFundMe’s and I’ll email your photos! There will be no contact, but there will be a shared love of community!! Thanks!!

Having worked in the Athens service industry for a good while, I have quite a love for my local service industry peeps!! Help me help them!


Call, txt, or email me…I’m sitting at home!


706-338-8090 *

Ladybug for Three?

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This family is wonderful to catch up with every year! The new amazing Children’s Garden at the State Botanical Garden was a joy to visit. Have you been yet?


Multi Uni

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Sheep to Shawl 2016

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Boy, does the Ladies Homestead Gathering of Statham know how to put on an event!

You can see all the portraits with CheesePuff on the ol’ FaceBook (click here) page, but here are just a few. Have a great day!

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Blanket for Three

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The Wild Rumpus in Athens Starts with the Kids!

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It’s HALLOWEEN in Athens, Ga!

The Kid Rumpus, at the Foundry–WHAT a time these kids had! SO many activities, amazing costumes, fun parents, and SMILES! Here’s a little snibbit. You can see more on the ol’ FaceBook Page!

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A Little Scientist

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Wow! What’s this?!

_RLH3874SmallA lovely time watching this fast fella!

Thanks, y’all!